When Jesus Calls Will You Listen?

Jesus the Savior

The mine disaster
A number of miners trapped in a collapsed mine. They are afraid and they are hungry. Their fate is uncertain. There is undoubtedly started a rescue operation. But they are still found in time? Can one reach them? The days pass and the situation of the miners gets worse. They are mentally and physically bad way. The oxygen is running out.

They listen for sounds in the distance. But she still heard nothing. We are waiting for the sound of the big drill. And if it is good does that sound than getting closer. The best moment will be when suddenly a hole in the space in which they sit. A compound of the outside air. Then there is again light and oxygen. Then salvation is near. Because the rescue is only a matter of time. When they are first found but, if yes …..

An uncertain fate
The life of the miners in the collapsed hallway is like the life of our people on earth. Our fate is uncertain. Many of us are physically or mentally bad way. The quality of life on earth is less. The rivers are becoming increasingly polluted, the raw materials run out, the trees die due to acid rain and the ozone hole is getting more dense.

And if that’s not enough to find the one natural disaster after another. And what do we do? We argue: in almost every family come tensions and fights for. We wage wars. Terrorist attacks are the order of the day. And one thing is certain: our life will end in death. Are we better off than those trapped miners? It does not look like.

Hope springs eternal
What will be a great time to be, as the miners will be found. Tears of joy will flow, the miners and their loved ones, who have been waiting anxiously outside. With that miners will it again. But now back to the life of our people on this earth. Is there salvation possible for us? Salvation of our impending doom? Rescuing all that is negative and down on top of us?

Yes, salvation is Jesus Christ. Elsewhere on this website you have already read a lot about him. There are hundreds of websites that deal with the Christian faith. It sold millions of Bibles. Those who do not know Jesus? The answer is surprising: many people do not know Him.

Jesus, who is that?
Ask passers-by who Jesus is, and some of them will not know the right answer. Heard of, but otherwise … They are like trapped miners, who think that there is no salvation. Who do not even want to delve into the possibility of salvation. But that is incomprehensible? In fact, they reject any possibility of salvation. They think that the short life is normal in a sealed mine.

But that’s not normal. For that God made us. God made us to live with Him forever. He wants to enjoy for all of us and may we forever give him the honor due Him. He wants us to believe in Jesus Christ. When His Son, who came to this world to save us from our sins.

Salvation through Jesus
If we believe in Jesus go then we have no chance for salvation, but it is GUARANTEED our salvation. The miners have to wait and see whether they are saved. By faith we ARE already saved in Jesus. It’s never too late to start believing. To pray to God to give that faith. Certainly, we would still be sitting for a while in that dark mine. But who cares when you hear the drill already and know that soon you will be saved? You’ll soon see the light? In the Psalms read about that light include:

Psalm 27: 1 The LORD is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?
Psalm 31: 17: Let the light of your face shine on me, show your loyalty and save your servant.
Psalm 112: 4: He radiates to the upright as a light in the darkness, gracious, loving and just.

This certainty of salvation makes life in the cold dark mineshaft something easier. Since the end of the misery is in sight. The Bible tells us that salvation is possible only through faith in Jesus. It is not only Christianity no religion in the world that offers the certainty of deliverance. Only the Bible teaches us that God wants to be a loving father for many children. Those children we may be. He wants to save us and protect us forever and Abiding.

No salvation necessary?
Unfortunately, not everyone is waiting for the rescue:

Many people in the Christian faith already a prejudice, they have already drawn their conclusions before they know what the Bible has to say.
Or because they assume that they must be able to understand everything; that does not work then they quit.
Others have herself a picture of how God should be: “If God exists, why does he do not ….” etc.
Or because they have had bad experiences with Christians who are not Christian act like they expected.
Others do not go beyond “there must be something ……” and leave it at that.

But it is not understandable that all these people are satisfied with their bleak existence in a dark cold mine without oxygen?

We can not ignore Jesus. Some people think so. They say that they do good life and no man evil. And that they always have the best for others. And, they say, if there is a heaven then I will certainly arrive. My life is nothing to criticize? I do not steal, I do not harm anyone. They think that if they behave as miners in the mine, the rescue itself it will come. What a big mistake!

Jesus central
The Bible there thinks very differently. In the Bible it goes from the beginning to the end of Jesus. Jesus speaks and acts on behalf of God. Jesus came to make amends between God and us. Without Jesus, we can not be saved. In John 3: 16 says it this way: For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever has faith in him, but have eternal life.

Take that step
And therefore, let go of your prejudices, accept that you can not understand everything about God, please God as he is, do not get distracted by the behavior of other Christians, no longer suffice with the thought that “there must be something .. . “but do what is written in Matthew 7: 7:

Ask and it shall be given,
Seek and you will find;
Knock and the door will be opened to you.

Ask God for faith. God looks at our hearts. A sincere request, a cry for faith, He will answer. Find Him in prayer. Ask him whether he himself wants to show. Whether he wants to come into your life. Persevere herein and experience that God will not hide from you, but will reveal Himself to you. Make an appeal to God’s promises (knocking). And God as Father with emotion and joy, the “door” open for you. God will never turn away his face from anyone who seeks Him with a sincere desire. However, he does everything in His time and way. So nor lose and keep seeking Him.

pray together
Find at least one fellow Christian in this emotional process, which can assist in this. Together questions, searching together, knocking together and pray together in Jesus Name. Jesus intercedes for us and leads us to the Throne of God. Experience as what it says in Matthew 7: 8 t / m 11: For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks it will be opened. Is there anyone among you who, if his son it asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or a snake, if it asks for a fish? If you then, though you are evil, your children give good gifts, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him.

It is NOT: For everyone who asks receives everything he desires, he who seeks finds anything he would like to find. God does not give us everything we want. God gives “good” there, that’s all we need to be with Him and to belong to Him. He gives us everything he thinks fit for us. He gives everything to be eternally happy with him.

For life on earth means that often we still have to go through a Possible time. The porch of heaven is very small and cramped. Many Christians are oppressed and persecuted because of their faith. But, ask, seek and knock, and experience that God opens and you’ll meet in your uncertainty, fear and pain. In your doubts and your grief. Pray in Jesus Name. If you knocks at God and say you come on behalf of His Son, then all doors are open for you.