Just gathering dust


How many homes, (or should I say houses?) have a Bible in some shape or form?  It would be fair to say that there are a great many, millions or maybe even billions around the world in a multitude of translations.

How many of these houses have a Bible that has been picked up and read in the last week, month, year or even decade?  Probably a lot fewer than anyone would imagine.

That is the trouble and that is why a home becomes a house, simply because the most important book ever written is never read.  Even some Christians claim they are Christians but so rarely open their bible or even pick it up that the book serves a better purpose of propping up the corner of a bed than it does propping up a life.

Bibles in so many households sit gathering dust and yet these households fight and argue over so much. Divorce is so high that it is almost a sport. Depression is higher than it ever has been before with a massive increase in anti-depressants being used, since 1988 there has been a 400% increase on the amount prescribed just in the USA. Finances are in trouble, people worrying about this bill and that bill and where the next meal will come from is common place.  Life for so many is a complete mess and slowly but surely getting worse with no end seemingly in sight.

But sat, just gathering dust, possibly propping up a bed and surrounded by “who moved my cheese”, “Think and grow rich”, “The secret” and some “Chicken soup for the soul” on a very busy bookshelf sits the solution to all the problems in life. The self-help books have been bought to try and help a single problem  or perhaps one or two, budgeting books have been bought to try and help balance the books better and somewhere in there is a book that tells you that what you dreamt last night is going to give you all the joy or sadness in the world. One really just has to scream at the madness.

One book, well a few books in one awesome compendium of books sums up all the self-help and dream translation books in one. A book that funnily enough most of the self-help books are based on, loosely and then mashed up of course is sat begging you to open it.

The Bible, the greatest story ever told and 100% true but so many choose to ignore it. It contains stories of how people overcame hardships that are a thousand times worse than the hardships of today. Plagues of locusts,  lions in Dens and ending with one man dying on a cross.  In a way it is a thriller, love story and gory horror story all in one but truthfully this book that is Just gathering dust is the instruction book for living your life to the full.

A Man in his prime died for you so that you might have this book, full salvation  and the promise of a great life on earth.  Sure you will have trouble but the Bible teaches you how to overcome it, and ultimately have eternal life in Heaven say at the Right Hand of God the father.

If your life is all over the place, if the bills are mounting up and if life seems a little out of control and you just have no idea where you are , then blow the dust off your Bible, open it and begin to read.

Matt Newnham is a Christian, Author, Writer and Speaker. He is a single father and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt is passionate about life. Matt is the author of Space Ranger Fred, a series of children’s books with Christian principles. Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA and on his Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mattwjnewnham