Answers to all your questions in 15 minutes

Every day we are all faced with challenges and every day we seek answers.  We ask experts to assist us, we ask family and friends for advice and we even pay for some of the advice we get.  This is such a sad and crazy fact of life and it need not be so.

The Bible is the best place for any answers to even the most outrageous of questions and yet for so many people it is a book that sits gathering dust on a shelf, tucked away by a host of self-help books and recipe books.  Better than anything found on Google, certainly more true than advice given by friends and a great deal cheaper than some experts charge, the Holy Bible is more than just a book that is filled with every answer to any question you can ask.

Two books in one the Bible has both Old Testament and New Testaments that contain many hidden answers to so many things that puzzle us all. But it takes more than just a flick through to find the answers you need.  God’s promises are contained within the Bible and when you look at the Bible from a distance it is one of the most powerful true stories about real people, with real problems that have overcome great hardships, won battles and of course had some superb victories. When you get closer you will find it is more relevant today than ever before.

Every self-help book in many ways draws on the original self-help book for inspiration. God has planted the seeds of life in his Word and we need to extract the fruits from this, Self-help books in their own way do just this and pull off some low hanging fruit and serve it to us in bite sized pieces.  But while picking up the bible and starting to read from Genesis though to the final verse of Revelation is a start, the only way to get the answers is to have a relationship with God. Without the relationship the Bible becomes just another book and that is why for so many that the Bible just sits on the shelf gathering dust.

With your bible in your hand and having a relationship with God solutions to your problems are found. Worries become meditation and prayer, the should I shouldn’t I questions get answered with clarity on both sides allowing you to make the right choice and through prayer and the holy spirit life becomes easier to live.

Today we are all so rushed, we are busy and we are chasing the next Dollar, Pound, Euro or Yen to pay the bills that we have our lives back to front.  All the chasing can and will come to an end if you decide to pick up your bible and ask God to guide you. 15 minutes a day is all you need with your bible and God, it is not a lot to ask and by doing so you will see how your life alters for the better and how those bother questions get answered or problems get solves.  There is no answer to how but God just makes it so. Your bible and 15 minutes every day, ideally at the start of the day is all you need to get every question you have on your mind answered.  The 15 minutes will grow, your relationship will deepen and while at first it may feel a little strange it is nonetheless just how God wants things to be, with Him first and you quite a long way behind in second place.

Have you picked up your bible today?

Matt Newnham is a Christian, Writer and Speaker. He is a single father and lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Matt is passionate about life and success and his ability to touch the heart of readers has earned him the title “The Master of Emotional Appeal” Follow Matt on Twitter @MattNewnhamZA and on his Facebook Page